May. 16th, 2014 08:24 pm
sockdere: (Mindfang)
Want a meme? I'll make you a meme.

Just drop the specifics here and I'll do the rest.

Currently, my itinerary only includes making shipping and smut memes, but in the future I may be open to gen!
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jealousy meme

overprotective meme

unique expressions of affection meme

scar kissing meme

do anything to save them/deal with the devil meme

watching meme

a meme about lovers who can't touch each other so basically mutual masturbation

enthusiastic consent. the opposite of the dubious consent that tlh/dwrp smut in general seems to run on. the people in the meme have to be REALLY into it.

sudden or accidental ust explosion

taking your time, affectionate meme. the opposite of the midfuck with a focus on foreplay.

afraid to hurt them meme, where the other partner wants them to let go and stop pussyfooting around things

light of my life meme. a shitty life is cured by this one awesome person you get to have sex with all the time!

crossdressing meme